Announced at this year’s CES, Netgear see their new Arlo Baby range as a product with huge potential for growth.

Speaking to ChannelNews, Netgear’s Director of Product Management for Smart Home products Damir Skripic says that “we actually spent a lot of time designing a new product that took into account a lot of the baby-type use cases.”

He says a lot of the features at the core of the Arlo Baby experience arose out of talking to prospective customers and parents.

According to Netgear’s Managing Director ANZ Brad Little, “the features they asked for was totally different” to the features that Netgear originally felt were important.

Little explains that Netgear’s efforts to survey parents ultimately created a comprehensive map of features which added real value and what added only perceived value in comparison.

For example, video quality has been bumped up to 1080p and night-vision performance improved.

NetGear Arlo Baby 00404 Netgear Promise Results With Arlo Baby

More than just a camera, the Arlo Baby comes with a two-way speaker, RGB nightlight capable of customisable lighting sensors, humidity and temperature sensors.

It comes preloaded with a number of white-noises and lullabies. Users can also connect their phone or Spotify to the device. Parents can even record their voice and leave messages for their child.

“It’s basically an all-in-one baby monitoring device,” Skripic says.

That said, a 7-inch touchscreen monitor will retail separately.

“We knew that a dedicated monitor was necessary,” Skricic says.

He says that further integration with both Apple’s HomeKit and Amazon’s Echo is also something the company are currently in talks to enable in the future.

Unlike the mainline Arlo, Netgear see the predominant use-case for the Arlo Baby as one reliant on AC Power. If not connected to a power source, a full charge will net about four hours of active use.

The Arlo Baby features grooves which the camera can be pushed along to modify it’s field-of-view. However, such modifications can only be done manually.

He says that Netgear’s recent acquisition of AI startup Placemeter is helping them optimize the Arlo’s features. Using machine-learning, they say the Arlo will be able to distinguish between the sound of a baby crying and background noise and alert the user. Later down the line, he hopes they can refine this further and incorporate it back into the rest of the Arlo range.

He says that the company have already begun beta testing just that, with a new software update set to allow the Arlo Pro to tell the difference between a car and a human.

Skripic says such features are “a very important part of our product strategy going forward because it creates a more engaging use of the product.”

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