Netgear has updated its Storage Central NAS device with the new Storage Central Turbo, which the company claims is the industry’s most versatile, high performance and affordable network storage product or the home.

First unveiled at CES in January the new Turbo incorporates Zetera’s Z-SAN technology for scalability, supports up to two 3.5-inch SATA disk drives and features a Gigabit Ethernet interface.
“We are very excited to build on our bestselling Storage Central product by introducing our high-performance Storage Central Turbo,” said Netgear’s Sam Feng.

“This next-generation storage solution gives users the flexibility to place the unit on a network and have a centralised data repository, enabling them to share and back up any digital file from multiple networked computers at fast Gigabit Ethernet transfer speeds.”
Netgear says the Turbo functions like a locally attached USB disk drive, but remains accessible from several Windows PCs on the network. It also comes equipped with disk mirroring to help protect data, while SmartSync backup and synchronisation software makes real-time copies of data on two separate hard drives. New data disk volumes can be configured as public or private and password protected, ensuring maximum security for sensitive files. Setup of the device is via the included Smart Wizard installation CD.
Storage Central Turbo is backed by a one-year warranty and 24/7 technical support.

RRP: $349

See: www.netgear.com.au

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