Netgear have launched their own smart baby monitoring solution that goes “far beyond” what typical baby monitors offer according to the company.

Arlo Baby is the latest addition in Netgear’s popular Arlo range, and was announced earlier this year at CES where it was named a CES 2017 Innovation Awards Honouree.

It offers 1080p HD resolution video and advanced night vision capabilities for clear vision in any light, along with a built-in rechargeable battery for untethered flexibility when required for monitoring different areas.

Live streaming and a rolling 7 days of free recording in the cloud can both be accessed remotely using an app, with additional storage options and 24/7 recording also available.

As part of Netgear’s pitch to make Arlo Baby go “far beyond” what competing products offer, the company has also included ambient sensors that monitor air quality, temperature and humidity, as well as a built-in multi-coloured night light and a music player with a collection of built-in lullabies.

The company’s senior vice president of Arlo Products Pat Collins said Arlo Baby is “a giant leap forward in baby monitoring technology”.

“When we looked at other baby monitoring solutions, it became clear to us that we had an opportunity to develop a product that would significantly improve the experience of baby monitoring for today’s busy Mums and Dads,” Collins said.

Arlo Baby Netgear’s Arlo Baby Arrives In Oz

Smart analytics of the Arlo platform are able to provide customisable alerts in real time when motion or sound is detected, and according to Netgear, Arlo Baby is even able to identify when the sound it has detected is a baby’s cry.

Along with connectivity through an app for features like two-way audio, Netgear will also offer the Arlo Baby 7-inch LCD display that can display a live stream from the camera over a secure and independent wireless connection.

Arlo Baby Characters Netgear’s Arlo Baby Arrives In Oz

Packaged with a bunny character set, the camera can also be customised further with a range of additional optional accessories that it into a kitten or a Dalmatian puppy, and an optional Arlo Baby Stand is also available for an elevated viewing angle.

Arlo Baby joins Netgear’s Arlo Pro wireless HD security system and the standalone LTE-enabled Arlo Go camera.

Major retailers will begin selling Arlo Baby in store and online beginning in August for RRP $399. Pricing for the Arlo Baby with 7-inch LCD display has not been announced, but is expected to go on sale in Q4.

Optional character accessories will be available for RRP $39 each, and the Arlo Baby Stand will be available for RRP $79.

More information can be found on the Arlo website.

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