Struggling luxury consumer electronic brand B&O has announced a new A$14,000 plasma TV which is almost quadruple the price of the best on offer from the likes of Sony, Samsung and Panasonic. The asking price is justified they say because the TV will last longer because of a built in self calibrating system.
Picture from MarketNews


Picture from MarketNews
Made in Asia by an OEM manufacturer  the new B&O BeoVision 4 plasma incorporates self-adapting/calibration technology similar to the sub $3,000  LG Scarlet LCD TV. It includes  an integrated camera which measure the colour balance of the screen, then adjust it in order to “compensate for aging phosphors” claim B&O.

According to MarketNews the  “Automatic Color Management”,which is a patented, self-calibrating process goes into action after every 100 hours of viewing by activating a mechanical arm with a camera on the end.

Like a robot the arm swings down from behind the frame of the TV. It measures a test picture of the screen, analyzes colour temperature, and adjusts colours accordingly. In addition to adjusting picture quality to suit various environments, B&O says that the technology also helps to increase the life span of the screen.


B&O President  Zean Nielsen, claimed that the BeoVision 4 has been called the “Anti-Wrinkle Cream” TV.

The plasma also includes B&O’s patented Automatic Picture Control technology, which adjusts brightness based on ambient room lighting through on optical sensor on the top of the bezel.

Calibration arm

The BeoVision 4 is available in a 50″ or 65″ size, both at full 1080p resolution. The price ranges from of $8,500 to over $14,000.  They come in traditional colours like silver, black, and dark grey, as well as some bolder accent choices, like red and blue. 

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