Digital Camera vendors are set to roll out a swag of new products Photokina at one of the world’s largest photographic trade shows. Fujifilm has announced that it is working to develop a new version of its famed Super CCD sensor, as well as a complete workflow environment for 3D imaging.

They are also developing  a new three-device system for camera’s that are capable of capturing and presenting 3D stills and movies without the need for special glasses or other gear to view images in three dimensions.
The core technology is a camera that captures two slightly offset images through a pair of precisely calibrated and linked lenses.
Nikon has said that they will ship a new AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.4 prime lens that “closely replicates the visual perspective of the human eye when used with an FX-format d-SLR camera.

The 50mm lens can focus on subjects extremely close and offers a silent wave motor. If paired with a DX format Nikon SLR, the lens approximates the effect of a 75mm lens, the company said.
Pentax has also announced a new entry-level digital SLR camera and several new lenses.
Due in November, the new 10-megapixel K2000 will bundle a new 18-55mm lens and an auto hot-shoe flash (the AF200FG) for under A$1000
The d-SLR features a 2.7-inch LCD screen, CCD-shifting image stabilization, Pentax’s Auto Picture mode, 10 creative scene modes and a dust-removal system.
It offers a dedicated help button to assist novices by explaining camera settings, 5-point autofocus system and a viewfinder with 96 percent coverage. The K2000 can burst at 3.3 fps to four JPEG images or at 1.1 fps for an unlimited number of JPEGs.

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