Epson is set to crank up the floundering home projector market with a stunning new 1080p projector that is capable of 24FPS. It also incorporates new technology that dramatically improves blacks with games like Halo 3 really coming to life on a large screen.

Epson the market leader in the projector market is set to go after the home market with a powerful new 1080p projector that can also be switched to run at 24FPS. In the Australian market, Epson is #1 followed by NEC, BenQ and Acer however there is contention over claims from an unknown research company used by Epson that the Australian is set to grow three fold over the next 3 years. 

During the last 6 months Epson has grown their home projector market share by 19% however information presented by Epson from relatively unknown UK research group Decision Tree claims that the market for projectors in Australia was set to grow from 19,000 units in 2007 to 60,000 units in 2010, however this is disputed by local research group GfK which claims that the projector market has declined this year by 32% in both units and volume. Epson also dispute the UK research groups findings.

A big contributor to the decline in the home projector market is the growth in demand for large flat screen TVs. Another contributing factor to the move away from projectors claims GfK, is the high cost of projector lamps which in the case of Epson’s new projector is set to cost a user between $5,000 and $8,000* on top of the $7,800 purchase price for the new TW2000.  This is based on a lamp costing around $450 and having a life of between 2 & 3,000 hours. (30,000 hours which is half the life of a plasma screen will cost a consumer $4,500).  However most projectors are only used for 12 to 14 hours a week or 624 hours a year.


A key improvement in the new Epson projector is the introduction of new DeepBlack technology. In a demonstration seen by SmartHouse the DeepBlack technology does deliver a superior picture to previous models. 

The new projector is Epson’s second 3LCD projector to incorporate a full HD 1080p panel. It also gives consumers the option of accessing a 50.000-1 contrast ratio for high-definition viewing.

The Full HD 1080p home cinema projector also incorporates Epson’s new 3LCD technology, the Dream Seven panel, which features a native 16:9 resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. These latest 3LCD panels are based on Epson’s exclusive Crystal Clear Fine technology (C2 Fine) for crisp, sharp images.

The TW2000 also has HDMI v1.3 connectivity (2 interfaces) and a new lens by Fujinon with 2.1x zoom. Viewing quality is enhanced by the 50,000:1 contrast ration and and a brightness of 1600 ANSI Lumens. Epson is providing a three year warranty on the projector lamp.


Epson’s new C2 Fine technology delivers sharp, clear images and a true black. Epson claims Its ability to offer such superior output is due to its inorganic alignment layer where the liquid crystal is aligned vertically instead of horizontally. This change means that light leakage is eliminated and the result is smooth images and a pure jet black.
The Epson Dynamic Iris Optical System and DeepBlack technology further add to the quality of the projected image by controlling the intensity of light from the lamp. This was clear in both a demo with the new Halo 3 game from Microsoft and the running of a Blu ray movie.

 The projector delivered deeper blacks and improved grey scaling in dark scenes and improved crispness and clarity in bright scenes. With the Epson Cinema Filter, a range of viewing modes can be selected to suit the lighting conditions in the room. There are seven colour modes – vivid mode is best suited for light rooms and silver screen for darker environments.
Epson’s vertical and horizontal lens shift technology means the projector can be positioned off centre with no distortion to the projected image. The lens can be shifted 96% up and down, as well as 47% left and right, providing users with the flexibility to position the EMP-TW2000 in a variety of locations in the room, on a coffee table or ceiling mounted.

The EMP-TW2000 will deliver the best quality options the minute it is switched on. However for those who prefer to create individual settings to suit a particular film or ambiance, Epson has included additional features for image enhancement. The Epson six-axis colour adjustment enhances colour hue and saturation for images with great depth. Customised gamma adjustment is used in the same way as a gamma curve on a computer to increase colour sharpness.


The EMP-TW2000 has been certified by the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) which is dedicated to improving the quality of electronic imaging. ISF has four basic roles in this and the PC industry; consulting with manufacturers regarding product development, dealer training, media communications, and ISF licensing. Following the ISF standards, the EMP-TW2000 can be calibrated by ISF dealers to optimise day and night viewing at home.

An Epson spokesperson said, “Movie fans will agree that the best way to watch a film and appreciate its visual effects, is on the big screen, the way the movie makers intended it. Today, as demand for high-definition viewing increases, with content becoming available through TV broadcasts, HD DVD, BluRay and even games, more and more people are bringing the big screen into their homes with home cinema projectors The EMP-TW2000 incorporates the new Epson 1080p panel and Epson’s unique projector technologies to deliver true HD projection with superior image quality. The result is realistic, sharp images for a first-class viewing experience.”

Epson EMP-TW2000 key features summary:
* Home cinema projector ideal for those who desire a premium home cinema experience * Full HD with true high-definition 1920 x 1080p resolution * Superior image quality with Epson’s C2 Fine inorganic alignment 3LCD technology (D7) * Amazing contrast ratio of 50,000:1 with Epson DeepBlack technology * Super-high brightness of 1600 ANSI Lumens * Full 10bit video processing and v1.3 HDMI input (x 2) * 1080p/24 fps compatibility. 2-2/48hz or 2-3/60hz pulldown function selectable in OSD * Flexible placement with horizontal/vertical lens shift and 2.1x optical zoom * Connect to a range of input sources including HDMI v1.3 (2), YUV, S-Video and RGB * Further enhance image quality with six-axis colour adjustment and customised gamma adjustment * ISF calibration menus * Seven different colour modes to suit the viewing environment: Vivid, Cinema Day, Natural, Cinema night, HD, Silver screen, x.v.Color * Quiet projection of 24db * Three year warranty on Epson’s low energy consumption170W UHE (E-TORL) lamp * $7,800 RRP including GST.

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