HyperX’s latest mechanical gaming keyboard and headset are now available in Australia and New Zealand.

The company announced the release HyperX Cloud Orbit ($429) and Cloud Orbit S ($539) gaming headset, along with the HyperX Alloy Origins gaming keyboard ($199), are now shipping to both countries.

Both are available through HyperX’s network of retail and e-tail outlets.

The Cloud Orbit and Orbit S headsets feature Audeze Planar Magnetic Drivers, which produce audiophile quality sound, while Waves Nx 3D audio enhances gaming by allowing sounds to be heard above and below the player, relative to the position of their head.

Cloud Orbit headset New HyperX Gaming Headset & Keyboard Released

Exclusive to the Cloud Orbit S is a gesture control feature that can be paired with the HyperX Orbit S software to map head gestures to equivalent keypresses on a keyboard.

Both Cloud Orbit headsets offer integrated audio controls located on the earcup to easily toggle features including HyperX custom-tuned 7.1 surround sound with a touch of a button.

They also offer advanced audio customisation to easily calibrate 3D audio settings to individual user measurements, customisable room ambience, and built-in pre-set EQ profiles.

Cloud Orbit port New HyperX Gaming Headset & Keyboard Released

“Our goal was to produce a headset that meets the standards of gamers and audiophiles alike,” HyperX said.

“The HyperX Cloud Orbit headsets focus on what gamers want – comfort, audio performance, build quality, and the ability to use them on multiple platforms.”

The Alloy Origins keyboard features the first HyperX keyboard switch – a linear HyperX Red mechanical switch built for performance and longevity with a shorter actuation point and 80 million click rating.

Alloy Origins keyboard New HyperX Gaming Headset & Keyboard Released

RGB exposed backlit keys offer brighter illumination with radiant lighting effects and five adjustable brightness levels to enhance gaming, day or night.

Alloy Origins comes with HyperX NGENUITY software with advanced customisation features for lighting and macros, including simple customisable per-key lighting effects.

It also features Custom Game Mode, which allows users to choose which keys are enabled and disabled Macro keys can be assigned and stored in the macro library and users can choose from three adjustable keyboard angles for perfect positioning.

Alloy Origins customisation New HyperX Gaming Headset & Keyboard Released

“HyperX invested two years developing a series of key switches with features and design specifications required by gamers and is excited to bring the branded switches to the gaming market,” HyperX said.

“With our new switches, the new Alloy Origins mechanical gaming keyboard will meet the needs of gamers looking for a linear red style switch rated at 80 million clicks per key.”

For more information on these new HyperX products, visit the company’s website here.