IP Video systems manufacturer MOBOTIX is bringing new IP camera systems into the Australian marketplace.

The company’s IP video systems feature Mega Pixel cameras and integrated storage and intelligence capabilities. Combining video, VoIP and a whole host of cutting edge functionality through its advanced software solutions, MOBOTIX systems will no doubt see CCTV sentenced to the annals of history.

Peter McKee, international operations director, MOBOTIX said, “MOBOTIX has realised tremendous growth in the demand for its products since its launch, and is today the fastest growing IP video systems manufacturer in the marketplace. Our technologies mean you can view live images and audio at 25 frames per second from 35 cameras at any one time on a single PC. Unlimited numbers of cameras can be connected to a network and monitored from any location around the globe through its web based viewing portal. This functionality is not available on any other system.”

“The IP functionality means that MOBOTIX cameras can integrate with existing systems, such as point of sales systems in retail applications. In this situation cameras can be activated by incidents such as zero value sales at the till, commonly a sign of fraud, at which point the camera will stream images of the teller and alert the relevant personnel to the incident. This intelligent surveillance is definitely the way of the future.”

Graham Wheeler, manager Australia and New Zealand said, “There is a huge opportunity in Australia for this next generation intelligent surveillance system. The marketplace is traditionally dominated by CCTV that delivers poor image quality and little intelligence, relying upon the vigilance of human operators. Research shows that an operator monitoring footage misses 45 per cent of detail after only 25 minutes on duty, this figure only deteriorates as time passes. This is obviously not good for security or monitoring operations. MOBOTIX delivers an intelligent approach to assist those working in security to deliver a better service.”

“With recent worldwide occurrences the focus around the globe is firmly placed on security and we look forward to working with Australian organisations to better service their security requirements.”


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