JBL has announced a new Flip 2 which while looking identical to Flip One this device which can be used vertical or horizontal has some major new features under the bonnet.

A hot selling product in Australia the Flip is a wireless audio speaker that deliver incredible sound from a device that can be held in the hand. 

With the new Flip 2 JBL has improved the clarity of both the speaker and the speakerphone, which features new SoundClear echo and noise cancellation technology.

While the original Flip had to be charge it with a separate AC adapter, the new model charges via Micro-USB which is convenient when travelling as it can be plugged into a computer port.

JBL has also added NFC tap-to-pair technology for phones and tablets that the support the feature (I find this fairly useless).

The Flip 2 will ship early this year and carries a list price of $179.

The new Flip Two was shown at CES 2014.
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