A day after TiVo took on the FiiVo PVR accusing it of imitation, LG Electronics has launched a new plasma TV offering, with a frameless new design and what they describe as unique built-in “time Machine” function that allows consumers to pause, rewind and record live TV to a 250GB hard drive built into the TV.

The drive which is 90GB larger than the TiVo offering eliminates the need for a separate PVR and does most of the core functions found in a TiVo PVR.  
The new LG PS80 includes the ability to pause, rewind and record live TV Warren Kim, Category Manager of TV for LG Electronics Australia said.

 “The LG time machine feature gives consumers greater control over their TV viewing. Whether it’s pausing, rewinding or slow motioning of live broadcast, viewers can enjoy their favourite programs”said Kim  

It appears that the need to buy a separate PVR is eliminated with the new PS80 model, which includes LG’s unique time shift function, instant recording capability and a 7days EPG.

From the LG remote control, broadcast’s can be recorded using the built in DVR that includes 250GB hard drive storage (PS80 only), storing either 23 hours of high-definition or 57 hours of standard-definition programs. To increase storage, simply connect an external hard drive of 40GB or more through the TV’s Time Machine Link USB port to expand the recording capacity (PS80 & PS70).

LG have also launched a PS70 plasma TV that allows a 1TB drive to be attached to the TV. With both new modes there is no external internet connectivity.

 The PS80 and PS70 display recorded images at a 2,000,000:1 mega contrast ratio. They also feature HDMITM (v.1.3 with Deep Colour) feature, which eliminates on-screen colour banding for smoother tonal transitions and subtle graduations claim LG.


The Time Machine series also use the latest generation of panel technology for improved brightness, reduced reflectivity and a fast response time with 600Hz Max Sub-field Driving technology.

According to LG the new plasma TVs consumes less energy by controlling the brightness with its backlight control technology. The Screen-Off feature turns off the screen, while keeping the sound alive. Mechanical Switch-Off sets the TV to a power saving mode, where near zero electricity is used.

An Intelligent Sensor measures the brightness of the surrounding environment and then automatically adjusts the brightness of the picture on screen to provide the ideal image at all times.
LG’s new Full HD plasma TVs (50 & 60 inch PS70 and 50 inch PS80) are available now. 50PS70FD SRP $3,299, 60PS70FD SRP $5,999, 50PS80ED SRP $3,699.

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