Canadian company MartinLogan have a well-earned solid reputation for high-performance loudspeakers, and now they have audiophiles excited again by announcing two new product lines – the Motion and the Motion XT. This is a premium collection, completely reimagined with distinctive design and advanced audio tech, as well as attitude to envy.

The Motion XT comprises four new models – two floor-standing, one bookcase and one centre channel. The Motion sees five new models – two floor standing, one bookshelf, one centre channel and one versatile multi-purpose solution for home theatre or stereo listening.

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This is all the result of an ambitious development process that sees MartinLogan enter a bold new era, bringing unmatched performance and looks to fit even the most elegant interiors, with three finishes available – satin white, gloss black or walnut.

“We wanted to provide the team at ML the opportunity to define the future direction of the brand with a truly clean slate design,” says John Bagby, Managing Director. “The result is a collection of loudspeakers that are not just an upgrade of its predecessor, but a whole new level of quality and excellence.”

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Fans will be enamoured by the supreme sound quality, and the level of detail, passion and craftsmanship on offer, as well as advanced tech such as improved drivers and waveguide design.

“When the Motion Series launched in 2010, we had no idea how much of a following the technology would generate,” says John Soden, Vice President PML Sound International. “This fourth-generation product is truly a game changer for our brand.”

This new range also features exclusive new audio innovations, such as the latest thin-film Gen2 Obsidian Folded Motion Tweeter that brings your favourite content to life, with the highest levels of detail and accuracy.

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Meanwhile, the waveguide ensures consistent performance across a range of listening positions while minimising unwanted room reflections.

There are also Secure Lock Grilles, held in place with stealth mounting tabs, allowing the listener to customise the appearance of each speaker.