Nokia manufacturer, HMD Global, has announced it will upgrade all new Nokia phones to Android 8.0 Oreo, inclusive of its budget model the Nokia 3.

HMD Global’s Chief Product Officer, Juho Sarvikas, confirmed the upgrade via a tweet:

Mr Sarvikas made special mention of the Oreo update for Nokia 3, which uses a MediaTek chip, since there were delays for it to receive Android 7.11.

At current, all other Nokia devices utilise Qualcomm Snapdragon chips.

Information stating when Oreo would roll out to Nokia devices was not released, however, speculation is that given Nokia runs on pure Android, the rollout will be sooner than rival handsets comprises of more customisation.

Whilst Google unveiled Android Oreo on August 21st, thus far it’s only available for Pixel and Nexus phones through the Android beta program. Google has stated Pixel devices will receive it “soon“.

Nokia was one of the handset makers which Google named it would “launch or update devices to Android 8.0 Oreo” by the end of the year”. Other brands include; Essential, Huawei, HTC, Kyocera, LG, Motorola, OnePlus, Samsung, Sharp and Sony.