UPDATED: Sony Australia has admitted that 4 of its Bravia LCD TV models sold in Australia are affected by a software malfunction.

Though all Bravia units shipped are not affected. The Japanese electronics Company say that  the Bravia TV shuts down once it has reached 1200 hours. For example if a TV is used on average 5 hours a day the LCD screen will close down after 34 weeks of use.

Nina Hearne of Sony Australia said “We have put in place a program to educate our customers on how we’re addressing this issue locally. The important message is that not all units currently in the market are affected and there are no safety issues surrounding this matter.  We urge customers to check their model’s serial number before calling the customer contact centre” she said.

In Australia, the following models and serial numbers are affected: KLV-V26A10     (Serial number 7000001 – 7002040)  KLV-V32A10     (Serial number 7000001 – 7002899)  KLV-V40A10 (Serial number7000001 – 7006000)  KF-E42A10, (Serial number 2000001 – 2000667)  Nina Hearne said “We have posted a web notice on our web site in the products section, support section and have provided a link from each of the affected products at http://www.sony.com.au/homecinema/category.jsp?id=21988. We are also offering customers a free site visit so our staff can perform the software update for them.”

She added” Owners of a Bravia TV should: 1) Go to the website, review the notice and check the serial number of their TV. We have provided diagrams to assist this process. 2) If they own an affected model, call the customer contact centre and arrange for a site visit to have the free software upgrade performed”

Sony Japan has confirmed that about 400,000 Bravia LCD TV’s and rear-projection TVs launched last year may malfunction due to faulty software.A Sony spokeswoman said that after 1,200 hours of use the TVs may not be able to be turned off or switched out of stand-by-mode. What is not known is how many models in Australia are affected. Sony Australia recently admitted that it was air freighting Bravia LCD TV stock into Australia.

The software for those sets receiving digital or cable broadcasts can be upgraded automatically but Sony must dispatch a person to fix those TVs that are receiving analog signals, the spokeswoman said. The Sony spoksperson he declined to comment on how much it would cost to fix the problem. The number of TVs affected comes to about 10 percent of the 4.2 million LCD and rear-projection TVs Sony is aiming to sell in the current business year to March.

Sony has enjoyed strong sales of its Bravia brand TVs since launching them worldwide late last year, taking market share from LCD rival Sharp.

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