Sony has expanded its Walkman line-up with the launch of three new MP3 players that offer functions like noise-cancelling, extended battery life, and bigger storage capacity.

S-Series Video MP3 Player
The new S Series Video MP3 players feature built-in noise-cancelling technology that can reduce up to 75 percent of ambient noise with a simple switch. It offers a 40 hour battery life (30 with the noise-cancelling function activated) and is supplied with a pair of EX headphones with large 13.5mm driver units.

The S Series Video MP3 player features SensMe Channels to analyse music according to acoustic characteristics. This is enabled by Sony’s Low-Complexity Music Information Retrieval (LCMIR) technology, a music analyser feature that creates playlists based on the mood, speed and tone of songs, allowing you to enjoy various types of music, such as energetic, relaxing, or lounge, through the simple selection of your preferred channel.

Available in 8GB or 16GB and emphasising high quality video playback, the S Series has a large 2-inch LCD screen with 320 x 240 resolution, is just 7.5mm thin, and weighs 46g.


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Sony E-Series
For those who desire non-stop music, the E Series video MP3 player presents an ideal proposition, playing up to 45 hours of non-stop music. For video, the player can also cater for up to eight hours of playback on the 2 inch screen. The E Series is available in blue, red, pink, and black and in two capacities (4GB and 8GB).

The limited edition A Series with Bluetooth technology is now available in 4GB, 8GB and 16GB. These models feature a 2.4 inch LCD screen, and can provide up to 10 hours of video playback or 36 hours of uninterrupted music playback.

The series comes coupled with high-performance EX Monitor Headphones and Street-Style Bluetooth headphones, which can also be used with other compatible devices.

All of the S, E and A Series Walkman MP3 players support a wide range of high quality codecs, such as Advanced Video Coding (H.264/AVC) baseline profile, MPEG-4 simple profile, WMV simple and main profile for video; MP3, WMA, Secure WMA, WAV and AAC for music, and JPEG for photos.

In addition, all three series are enabled with the popular Drag ‘n Drop functionality for convenient file transfers and a built-in FM radio. PlaysForSure compatibility also allows DRMProtected music, which is available from legitimate online vendors, to be played on all Walkman MP3 players.

Availability and Pricing:
NWZS738F (8GB): $229 (Available October)
NWZS739F (16GB): $289 (Available October)

NWZE436F (4GB): $129 (Available October)
NWZE438F (8GB): $179 (Available October)

NWZA826K (4GB): $229 (Available October)
NWZA828K (8GB): $289 (Available October)
NWZA829K (16GB): $349 (Avaialble October)

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