One of the more ubiquitous pieces of utility software has reached a milestone with WinZip hitting version 10.

This latest version includes significant usability enhancements, improved compression technology and, for more demanding users, a new Pro feature set with very useful additional functionality.

Both WinZip 10.0 Standard and Pro offer additional compression algorithms (PPMd and bzip2), allowing you to make even smaller Zip files, and offer a new Explorer-style view of your Zip file contents, making it easier to navigate complex, multi-folder Zip files. Other enhancements include: the ability to create split (multi-volume) Zip files during compression, automatic update checking, and protection from potentially dangerous files with WinZip’s built-in support of Windows XP SP2’s Attachment Manager.

There’s also the new WinZip Job Wizard, included in the Pro version, which helps out when backing up data sets or distributing documents on a regular basis by providing productivity and automation features to simplify repetitive tasks. There is also inbuilt FTP functionality to help move it around.

WinZip 10.0 Pro also allows you to create Zip files directly on CDs and DVDs, eliminating the need to zip to your hard disk and then transfer the Zip files to CD or DVD. Large Zip files will automatically span multiple CDs or DVDs, if necessary.

We have published the full specification of PPMd compression support in Zip files, to allow authors of other Zip file utilities to adopt the PPMd compression format as well.

An on-line demo presenting WinZip 10.0 can be found on the WinZip web site at: http://www.winzip.com/winzip10demo.htm

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