After Microsoft came out yesterday at E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) and announced some highly anticipated titles for the Xbox 360, this morning was Nintendo’s turn.

The Wii may be leading the current generation of consoles but it has the lowest replay rate of all of them. According to recent Nielsen research, Wii players are likely to use their console, at most, once a week and for fewer minutes and for the fewer sessions compared to the other consoles.  This years E3 is Nintendo’s chance to show they can produce compelling titles and push the Wii to not only drive new console sales but also keep people interested enough to avoid the Wii collecting dust.

Their E3 press conference started with a heavy hitter.  First up, they announced that a new Super Mario Bros game will be coming to Wii. It will be a 2D side scroller like the DS version that came out a couple of years ago and will be four player.  In addition to Mario and Luigi you will also be able to play as two different coloured versions of Toad as well.
They also announced a sequel to Super Mario Galaxy which will be more of the same but will also have Yoshi as a playable character.

The success of the Wii owes a huge thanks to WiiFit.  Naturally, a sequel to the popular fitness regime is on the way.  The new version will have 15 new balance games, and six new strength and yoga exercises as well has the ability to track calories burned.

Wii Sports Resort was also shown off with a bunch of new games including skydiving, archery, golf, basketball,  and table tennis to name a few.  It will be released later this year.

The DS and DSi got much love this year as well.  The much loved game Kingdom Hearts will be coming to DS as well as a new version of the RPG title Golden Sun.  A new Final Fantasy DS title is on the way called Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers as well as a Mario and Luigi title called Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story.

Ubisoft showed off C.O.P – The recruit a first person driving shooter action title for DS as well.

The DSi will be getting a handful of titles which will promote user generated content which will be able to be shared with players around the world. Mario vs Donkey Kong and March of the Minis will both allow users to create their own levels and share them.  WarioWare DIY will let player create their own mini-games from scratch will can be shared with other Warioware DIY owners.

The big title that was left to last as the big reveal was a new Metroid game for Wii.  The trailer looks impressive with a good mix of third person and first person gaming and looks true to the metroid games of the past.  It will be developed by Team Ninja, the developers behind the popular Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden series on the Xbox 360. 

The other announcements were with relation to peripherals and services.  Firstly, like Microsofts announcement yesterday, DSi users will now be able to upload their photos directly to Facebook.

The only peripheral announced was a heart rate monitor called the Vitality Sensor which will undoubtedly find its uses in games like WiiFit.

The Nintendo press conference wasn’t terribly suprising.  While some of the titles released will be fun, there is nothing particularly mind-blowing or innovative on the books for next year.  It was fairly obvious that they would release a bucket load of Mario titles and a new Metroid title was just a matter of time.  It seems that Nintendo are happy to sit back and enjoy their number one spot and aren’t concerned with losing to their competitors.

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