Users of the Nintendo Wii are being warned that excessive use of the new Nintendo Wii controller could be dangerous. Some users have already claimed physical injury problems.Nintendo has warned players of its Wii video game console to be carful when when waving the controller. The claim that users should use the wrist strap, keep palms dry and, whatever you do, don’t let go or one could cause a serious injury, or as one player did send the controller smashing into the TV screen.

The Wii has been pitched as a cheap alternative to pricier machines from Microsoft. and Sony, but some gamers complain they are facing unexpected costs after losing their grip on the console’s remote control and smashing their televisions and other appliances. Others are now saqying that the experience is not as good as they anticipated. 

Wii games are played with a motion-sensing controller that is waved, swung and twisted to direct the on-screen action.

Although the controller comes with a wrist strap, reports of damage caused by snapping straps have been cropping up on video game Web sites.

There is even one site, Wiihaveaproblem.com, dedicated to chronicling tales of Wii-related carnage. On Wednesday, the site’s damage toll included reports of 13 broken straps, 7 televisions and 2 laptop computers.

In an e-mail sent to Wii customers and posted on various Web sites on Wednesday, Nintendo said extreme motion could snap the strap by causing players to lose their grip on the remote.

Copies of the e-mail were posted on sites such as Joystiq.com, and a company spokesman confirmed it was authentic.

“Hold the remote securely and avoid excessive motion during game play. If your hands become moist, stop and dry your hands,” the company recommended.

Nintendo also cautioned players to stay at least 3 feet away from the TV and to make sure people and objects were safely outside their range of motion.

Last week, Nintendo America chief Reggie Fils-Aime told Reuters that many gamers were using big, sweeping motions where smaller ones would do.

“We literally have consumers letting go of the remote like you do a bowling ball. You can’t do that!” Fils-Aime said of a bowling game in its “Wii Sports” title.

Nintendo also gives tips on safe gameplay on its Web site, at http://www.nintendo.com/consumer/wiisafety.jsp.

The games console went on sale in Australia last night however very few people turned up at Harvey Norman Moore Park for the midnight launch compared to the hundreds that turned up for the Microsoft Xbox launch.

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