Nokia has teased that they will be releasing a new smartphone on August 21, posting teaser images and dates to their Twitter.

The handset is rumoured by multiple sources as being the Note 9, a flagship model that may be directed at taking on hand sets like the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Competitive pricing for the Nokia 1 and other cheap models has brought the phone maker back into a market they helped define almost two decades ago.

The most powerful phone they had developed previously, the Nokia 8, was seen to be made from components that were not powerful enough to truly compete against top end handsets from the likes of Apple and Samsung.

Leaks point to several components that would put the phone in the high end of the market. Multiple sources have reported that the phone will be powered by a Snapdragon 845 chipset.

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Other specs that suggest the Nokia 9 will compete with the top end relate to the cameras. A dual lens configuration for the back seems almost certain, and we know that Carl Ziess will be supplying the lenses.

Following from current trends at the top end, the dual camera configuration may come with two separate focal lengths, wide and telephoto.

Beyond those few elements, and a likely 5.7 inch screen, the remaining reported rumours are contradictory.

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