Nokia X: A Windows Phone, Android or both?

Nokia hybrid runs a unique mix of Android, Windows Phone 8 and Nokia apps.   

Announced at MWC today, low cost hybrid Nokia X phones (X,X1, XL), combines Windows Phone 8 (WP8) and Nokia apps with the ability to run popular Google Android apps.

“The Nokia X is built on Android open source software. We have differentiated and added our own experience,” Nokia CEO Stephen Elop said today. 

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Nokia X has a 4-inch IPS LCD screen, 512MB RAM and a 3-mp camera. It comes in an army of colours such as green, black, white, yellow, cyan and red.

Nokia X+ has better storage with 768MB RAM, 4GB MicroSD card and comes in the same colours as X.

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XL ‘phablet’ has a 5-inch screen, 768MB RAM, the free MicroSD card, 2-mp front-facing camera, 5-mp rear camera with autofocus and flash. 

But the hybrid phones may lure in the all-pervasive Android user looking for a phone on the cheap.  

X, X+ and XL – are priced between the existing Asha and Lumia lines, at Euro 89, E99 and E109 aimed at “new smartphone users looking for popular apps and their first cloud services”, and may then encourage them to upgrade to say, higher grade Lumia 1020.

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All three have Qualcomm Snapdragon Dual Core processors and are Dual SIM. There’s also a Fastlane notifications centre – which is like a second Home screen. 

Pre-installed apps include Blackberry’s BBM, Plants vs. Zombies 2, Viber, Vine and Twitter, Nokia’s Here Maps, MixRadio, Microsoft Outlook, and Skype which comes with calls for a month. 

As many apps you can fit can be obtained from the Nokia Store, third-party app stores and sideloaded.

The Nokia X will be available to buy immediately in Asia Pacific, Europe, India, Latin America, the Middle-East and Africa.

Nokia X+ and XL are expected to be available from Q2 2014.
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