Sony has unveiled what it claims to bethe smallest and lightest notebook in Australia.

But its small size doesn’t mean the UX17 misses out in the functionality department. In fact, Sony claims it offers the same functionality as a large laptop, featuring a 1.2GHz Intel processor for fast processing, built-in wireless LAN, Bluetooth, a 30GB hard drive and 512MB of memory.

One of the more noteworthy aspects of the UX17’s design is the integrated keyboard. The stylish keyboard slides out from under the LCD screen, allowing typing with two thumbs. The LCD screen itself is also worthy of mention – the 4.5-inch wide SVGA screen features Sony’s Clear Bright technology, allowing clear viewing of documents from all angles. The screen is also a touch panel and you can use the supplied stylus to write directly onto it.

And then there are the built-in cameras. Yes, that right – cameras, plural. One is integrated into the front of the computer so you can take advantage of VoIP communication while on-the-go, while the still camera at the rear is used to take photos.

Because the UX17 is likely to appeal to business users, Sony has also made security a priority. A biometric fingerprint sensor has been built-in, eliminating the need to remember passwords. And shock protection technology has been added to the hard drive to minimise data loss if the unit is dropped.

With all these inclusions, it may seem hard to believe that the UX17 is, in fact, Australia’s smallest and lightest notebook, however rest assured that it weighs in at just over 500 grams. It will fit into just about any pocket you can find for it, all good news for business people on-the-go looking for a powerful notebook that isn’t a chore to lug around.

The UX17 has a RRP of $2499.

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