NuSkope has hit telco town and is offering a bundle with free Wi-Fi router and double servings of Internet data.

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The ISP formerly did just wireless services in SA but is now going gung-ho offering wireless to ADSL2+ fixed broadband  – the territory of big players like Telstra, iiNet and Optus, as well as NBN services.

Many fringe ISP have sprung to life since the NBN was announced, with may more to likely to come, although NuSkope has been in the South Australia market for some time already.

And to lure in new customers across Oz, NuSkope is doubling the data allowance on its main ADSL2+ plans $39.95 for 50 GB and $49.95 for a generous 200GB.

To sweeten the Internet deal, it is offering the double data for users that sign up before the end of the year – and subscribers can keep that deal for the duration of their 12 or 24 month contract.

There is also Naked ADSL2+ services for those households that don’t have a phone line.

The ISP is offering a free Billion BiPAC 7700N Wi-Fi router modem and for higher level packages they are offering Billion BiPAC 7800VDPX or the AVM FRITZ!Box 7270 on $69 plan over 12 and 24 month contracts.

NuSkope’s NBN services start at $39.95 p.m with 10GB data to 400GB for $69.95.

The new ADSL+ player will also shape to 512k compared with most ISP’s who shape 64k and will allow customers to upgrade plans easily.

“We are pitching plans for people wanting good value and reliable service and we are targeting the important family and student market where we have done so much work with black spot fixes,” said NuSkope Operations Manager Michael Blake.


NuSkope was set up more than a decade ago with two teenage internet gamers building their own wireless connection across Adelaide to overcome a personal black spot area.

Blake and Barszcz went full time into the business in 2007 establishing NuSkope as a specialist wireless networking provider servicing black spots of metro Adelaide.

NuSkope Internet has about 80% saturation at Mawson Lakes, one of Adelaide’s fastest growing suburbs, particularly with apartment buildings.

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