O2 delivered a new white knight in shining armour today to Australians looking for a mobile device to save them from the boredom and demands of everyday life.

The O2 Xphone IIm incorporates business tools and multimedia entertainment features in a neat ceramic-white finish complemented by smart silver-grey accents.
“Australians are looking to do more with their mobiles and we are offering the O2 Xphone IIm as a solution,” said Oceanic VP of O2 John Featherstone. “The O2 Xphone IIm is a knight in shining armour to people who want to be rescued from the boredom of commuting or who are trapped in the demands of work. The O2 Xphone IIm lets you chill with its mini entertainment centre while you commute during peak hours or work away from the office with its smart productivity features.”

O2 runs Windows Mobile 2003 as an operating system and the Xphone IIm offers wireless modem, GPRS and Bluetooth connectivity. Armed with Microsoft Pocket Outlook and MSN Messenger to keep users in touch the phone’s entertainment and Internet features have been beefed up too.

Windows Media Player 10 gets a dedicated softkey for easy access. But the neat thing about this phone is that you can set the device to download music, video or games from websites onto the on-board memory or to a miniSD card.

The O2 Xphone IIm supports a wide range of music file formats, including WAV, WMA, MP3, AMR and AAC. In addition, the microphone and loudspeaker offer crystal clear sound to support vivid MPEG-4 video playback, and 32-chord polyphonic, MP3, WAV and WMA ring tones.

The O2 Xphone IIm offers greater convenience with its dual-function keys which allow you to access a wide variety of the device’s functions in fewer clicks.  For example, a quick press of the “Home” button brings you back to your designated home page. A longer press of the same button turns off Bluetooth or GPRS.  Its streamlined architecture is further improved by O2 Menu, a simple and intuitive icon panel which makes most phone functions accessible within two clicks.

Priced at $649 (RRP), the phone is distributed by Ingram Micro and Brightpoint Australia.


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