Buying online is about to get a lot simpler, as an upcoming website called OfferMe.com.au will take on the likes of eBay by allowing the buyer to take control.

This new concept was developed by e-commerce entrepreneur, Albert Yang, after tiring of sites such as eBay. Yang became frustrated with the constant fees, time-consuming bidding system and the disappointment at being beaten by another bidder at the last minute; so he resolved to find a less difficult solution, by handing the power back to buyers.

Albert Yang said, “For a long time I was searching for an alternative website that actually made buying online simple and was easy and fun to use. As a time-poor consumer I found there were no websites that championed buyers and allowed me to tell retailers exactly what I wanted and how much I was willing to realistically pay. So I devised OfferMe which makes connecting buyers and sellers incredibly fast and efficient.


“Very simply, the buyer tells us what he or she wants, and we tell the sellers who their customers are. Plus being able to “group” buyers wanting the same product, they’re working together, instead of competing against each other. The benefit of this to sellers is they know that if they can match the price listed, they can make a bulk sale, thereby passing the saving on to the customer,” he added.

According to Yang, OfferMe will allow individuals to tell sellers what they want and how much they want to pay for it. If there’s a demand for a particular item, the website’s systems will group them together allowing sellers to identify bulk sales quickly and efficiently, in real time; whilst buyers benefit from lower prices. If the initial price can’t be met, a deal can be negotiated which both parties are satisfied with. There are no fees unless an actual transaction is made; whereby only the seller pays a small percentage of the total amount made.

OfferMe is set to change the jaded perception of online shopping and challenge other online marketplaces to provide a better, more efficient service to consumers.

OfferMe will be launching on August 8, 2008.

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