OMC Smarthouse Technologies who described themselves as “The leading Australian automation and smart home company has overnight disappeared from the Australian market. It is believed that they owe thousands to distributors and vendors.

 Run by David and Omar Dobouny the Company which operates from premises in Alexandra in Sydney shut up shop last week. Telephones to the operation have been disconnected and the Company’s web site www.omcaustralia.com. au has also disappeared. David Dobouny is also Managing Director of OMC Smart House Technologies Middle East.

This is the 12 the Specialist Solution Provider or reseller to have gone out of business this year.   Originally from the UK they arrived in the Australian market three years ago when the directors of the Company bragged to SmartHouse News that they were “set to turn the Australian automation market on its head. We aim to be #1 within 2 years.” they said.

The Company also has connections in the Middle East. A recent press release issued by DMAC Properties in Dubai said “A collaborative effort between DAMAC Properties and OMC Smart House Technologies Middle East, the leading Australian automation and smart home company, resulted in the construction of a modern smart living environment which sets a new benchmark of convenience and comfortable enjoyment in the Middle East property market”.

In recent years the Company has worked closely with builders and architects in the Australian market and were responsible for major projects in both Manly and Noosa. (More to follow).

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