FYI Australian texters- if you get an SMS it could be because the sender is avoiding you.
If you have love in mind – avoiding emoticons are a strict no no with men who are more likely to find SMS emotions “silly and unnecessary,” according to the Telstra survey of 1,200 Aussies textual habits.

Males are also fussier texters in general, compared to women, and if you’ve something to say then spell it out, with 40 percent preferring words to be spelt properly rather than abbreviations (compared to just one third a of women).  

Popular word shortcuts used by generation text are lol (laugh out loud); b4 (before); OMG (oh my god); gr8 (great) and fyi (for your information).  

However, despite all the (potential) emotional baggage they carry, we still love texting, sending up to ten daily which can reach 40 every weekend.       

But you might receive less if you send abbreviations including totes (totally); 4COL (for crying out loud); I<3u (I love you) and redic (ridiculous) as these topped the most annoying texts words. 

“Whether we’re in the office, at home or on the move, SMS is an indispensible way for Australians to communicate, with  research suggesting setting up social outings, getting a message out en-masse and trying to avoid confrontation being the main drivers,”  said Telstra’s Consumer Director, Rebekah O’Flaherty.   


Telstra, whose customers sent over nine million texts last year have just launched their new offer,  the ‘Pre-Paid Weekend+ offer,’ offering free SMS and calls to any network all weekend, suiting the text and talkaholics alike.      

The pre-paid recharge options include $50, $80 and $100 and come with up to 1GB of data usage on the top package.

“From Australians whose mobile needs to be surgically removed from their palm at the end of each weekend, to chatterboxes who love yakking on their mobile on the train home from work, or lighter users looking for a offer with a longer expiry period, Telstra has a Pre-Paid offer that’s got what you want,” Ms O’Flaherty said.

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