Optus has refreshed its Timeless plans and will now provide a significant increase in data allowances, unlimited Facebook and Twitter, and included international call options to accompany the unlimited call plans.

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Consumer and Small and Medium Business customers can choose from three ‘Timeless Max plans’ – $99, $115 and $129, – all offering unlimited standard local and national calls to Australian fixed lines, standard mobile voice and video calls and standard national SMS and MMS to any Australian GSM mobile.

Business Timeless Max customers also have a choice of Unlimited Voicemail or Unlimited standard national SMS to further round out the plan’s comprehensive features.

Optus Consumer Marketing Director, Austin R. Bryan said, “Since we shook the market back in 2008 with our ‘yes’ Timeless plans, customer behaviour and expectations have evolved. Today, more and more consumers use mobile data and expect it as part of their mobile plan; which is why we’ve increased the data allowance on the new Timeless Max plans significantly, while also including mobile as a modem at no extra charge.”

“Mobile data is foremost in consumers minds today. They want lots of data everywhere and all the time,” added Bryan.

The $129 Timeless Max plan not only provides unlimited standard voice and video calls to any Australian GSM mobile, standard local and national calls, SMS and MMS, but also includes unlimited access to Facebook and Twitter and 4GB of mobile data. Blackberry users can opt to select an unlimited Blackberry email and browsing option instead of getting 4GB mobile data. In addition, the $129 plan also comes with $100 of International Calls and Text.

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