Some like it hot..but not that hot: users are reporting heat issues with new iPad, which has sold like hot cakes since Friday.

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Ouch! Is iPad too hot to handle?

New iPad with 2,048 X 1,536 pixel has sold 3 million since Friday but users are already reporting heat issues with the 9.7″ tablet.

“I just received an iPad 3 White 32GB WIFI, unfortunately, when holding it in portrait mode, the iPad WARMS UP (not overheat) on the left, near the bottom, where my hands would be,” one iPad owner wrote Friday on MacRumours forum.

Another confirmed the heat issue, saying: “Yep! Mine gets really warm too. Kind of uncomfortable I must say!,” with others confirming portrait mode was a particularly prone to overheating.

“I returned mine for an iPad 2. The iPad 3 wasn’t hot, but warm enough to be uncomfortable,” another wrote on Apple Communities forum. 

And it appears the new iPad is unable to handle the heat altogether, in some cases, with an error message showing: “iPad needs to cool down before you can use it”, reports The Next Web.

However, no complaints have been reported on MacRumour forums since Friday last but have been steadily appearing on other forums online.

“Maybe they should have called it the Kindle Fire?” quipped the Huffington Post. Similar issues were reported with previous iPad’s.


The larger lithium polymer battery on new iPad which supports 42.5 watt hours along with its new AX5 graphics processor are blamed for the overheating. Apple have not yet made any comment.

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