A 1-inch ultra thin and 2-inch super thin plasma TV spearhead a major assault by Panasonic on the TV market in Australia.

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According to Panasonic, the eleven new Viera models are the ‘thinnest, fastest, brightest, smartest Plasma TVs to ever hit the market.’

Panasonic Australia’s Director for the Consumer Electronics Group, Paul Reid said, “Panasonic’s commitment to superior quality and connectivity continues to distinguish the VIERA range in 2009. Panasonic is thriving and maintains a strong market lead in Plasma, and will continue to revolutionise this technology in 2009 to bring even greater benefits to consumers.” 

The company has introduce its first 1-inch ultra-thin and 2-inch super thin Plasma TVs, as well as Panasonic’s first Wireless 1080p HD Plasma in its Premium Full HD range. Panasonic’s V10 and Z1 Series Premium Full HD Plasma models are also the first to meet the strict standards for THX certification.

The 2009 Plasma family debuts a new screen size (54-inch), and features a range of HD and Full HD models. In addition, the company has incorporated improved connectivity features, such as VIERA Image Viewer, making it possible to view AVCHD movie footage directly from an SD memory card and the VIERA Link that allows for easy single remote control operation of multiple Panasonic AV devices via HDMI.


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The new plasma line also features the company’s new Next Generation Plasma Display Panels (NeoPDP) that ‘combines fundamental improvements in materials and processes, discharge gas and cell design, and circuit and drive technology.’ This new panel also has twice the luminous efficiency of previous displays, has improved energy efficiency, and claims to have a 100,000 hours panel life.

Panasonic has also debut its Eco PDP range – designed with a focus on high image quality and energy-efficiency.

All Panasonic’s 2009 VIERA Plasma HDTVs have improved energy efficiency and will be launched to the market with a new energy star rating label as part of the voluntary labelling scheme.

All 2009 VIERA Plasma models are equipped with an integrated High Definition Digital Tuner, so consumers can enjoy all the free-to-air digital channels including High Definition broadcasts.

The new VIERA Plasma range includes the flagship Z1 Premium Full HD Series, V10 FHD Series, G10 FHD Series, S10 FHD Series and X10 HD Series.


Z1 Premium Full HD Series
The flagship, 1-inch ultra-thin Z1 model features a Neo Full HD Plasma panel and 1080p Wireless HDMI HD technology. This model offers a brighter picture with deeper blacks and improved dynamic contrast ratio (2,000,000+:1), all housed in a stylish, one-inch thin unit. The Z1 Series will be available in the new 54-inch size.

V10 Premium Full HD Series
The VIERA V10 Plasma Series is a super thin 2-inch Plasma TV with cutting edge innovations such as 600Hz Sub-field Drive, 2,000,000+:1 dynamic contrast ratio, Digital Cinema Colour and full THX Display certification. The V10 Series features a stylish one sheet of glass design and will be available in a 50-inch size.

G10 Series Full HD
Panasonic’s VIERA G10 Series also features a Neo Full HD Plasma display, incorporating 600HZ Sub Field Drive and 2,000,000+:1 dynamic contrast ratio. This Series features design improvements such as an AR Filter and swivel stand. It also includes intelligent connectivity features such as VIERA Image Viewer and enhanced VIERA Link for improved convenience and ease of use.

S10 Series Full HD
The VIERA S10 Plasma Series is part of the new Eco PDP range, and offers a broad range of sizes for consumers wanting to step up into the Full High Definition space.  Key features of the S10 Series include Full-Time 1080 TV lines of motion resolution, 2,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and 24p playback. The S10 Series also features VIERA Image Viewer with SD Card slot and AVCHD compatibility.  Eco PDP technology delivers improved energy-efficiency.

X10 Series HD
The VIERA X10 Series gives consumers an entry-level into the Panasonic 720p HD range. The X10 VIERA HDTVs offer stunning picture performance with a 600Hz Sub-field Drive that delivers razor-sharp motion focus, VIERA Image Viewer for sharing AVCHD content and digital photos with friends and family, and VIERA Link control of all compatible Panasonic A/V home entertainment components via a single remote. 

Pricing for the new line of Panasonic plasma TVs are as follows:

TH-P54Z1A: 54-inch 1″ Thin Full HD 1080p: TBC (available in September)
TH-P50V10A: 50-inch 2″ Slim Full HD 1080p: TBC (available in August)

TH-P50G10A: 50-inch Full HD 1080p: $3,799 (available June)
TH-P46G10A: 46-inch Full HD 1080p: $3,299 (available June)
TH-P42G10A: 42-inch Full HD 1080p: $2,749 (available May)
TH-P54S10A: 54-inch Full HD 1080p: TBC (available in October)
TH-P50S10A: 50-inch Full HD 1080p: TBC (available in July)
TH-P46S10A: 46-inch Full HD 1080p: $2,899 (available in June)
TH-P42S10A: 42-inch Full HD 1080p: $2,499 (available in June)

TH-P50X10A: 50-inch HD 720p: $2,399 (available in April)
TH-P42X10A: 42-inch HD 720p: $1,849 (available in April)

See: www.panasonic.com.au

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