Video over IP is set to be the next revolution in TV entertainment, and a new program aims to combine Video On Demand with the ever popular peer-to-peer (P2P) format. But what makes this P2P application different is that it uses legal content.

At the moment, SopCast offers nine official channels to choose from, which include BBC World, HBO Movies and National Geographic. The program is still in testing phase, and there are still very few users, which is a large drawback for this type of service, but the potential is huge.


The program acts like a front end for your media player, whether it’s Windows Media Player or RealOne, and will file-share any channel you choose. There are basic play and stop controls, as well as the ability to record the channels. The higher


Users even have the ability to upload their own stations and content which is probably one of the most exciting aspects of the program. It enables people to produce TV from their bedrooms – if they have the right equipment of course. The implementation is still a bit clunky, and streamed services offer a much smoother experience, but the idea is there.

Download it at www.sopcast.org


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