This recently released care phone with a remote emergency pendant is perfectly suited for seniors or those who live alone.

The Oricom TP150 phone comes with a pendant that can be worn around the neck at all times. If the wearer falls, feels threatened or can’t reach the phone for any other reason, they simply need to press the red button on the pendant to remotely activate dialling of emergency numbers through the main base station.

Once the call is connected, it automatically switches to speakerphone so the user can communicate from wherever they are.

The emergency function is also convenient for those with limited mobility as users don’t have to rush to pick up an incoming call – they can answer and hang up the phone using the pendant.

There is also a caller ID function, which announces the caller’s name and number loudly and clearly.

Other features that will suit the elderly include an amplified receiver, hearing aid compatibility and an extra loud ringer for those hard of hearing; and a jumbo-sized keypad with big character and a large backlit display.

The TP150 retails for $169. More information at www.oricom.com.au


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