Pioneer Australia could well expand their product offering into LCD TV’s however the move will only take place if the Company sees good margin and profit in the range. The head of Pioneer Consumer Electronics division Richard Bragg has said.

He has also told SHN that during the next few weeks Pioneer will launch new High Definition Plasma screens but doubt’s whether the company will launch a BluRay product this year. Currently the consumer electronics division accounts for 60% of Pioneers revenues which last year hit $250 million.

Bragg said “We have had a great two years in the consumer electronic market and we are very happy with where we are at in the premium end of the plasma market however it is going to get tough going forward. We are looking at several options and could well be launching an LCD TV range but I cannot deny or confirm whether we will do this. It is very much down to our parent Company”.

 When it was put to him that Pioneer was considering the distribution of a Pioneer brand LCD TV in Australia along with several other non Pioneer products he said” We can look at going alone in Australia but this option is still very much open to internal debate”.

 Also in an interview with SHN Graeme Mohegan Pioneer CFO said that the Company was expanding its operations into Queensland. “This is a growing market and our investment in that State will see us being able to do next day delivery in Brisbane and the Gold coast. The new Bowen Hills facility, which is expected to be operational in April, is located close to the Brisbane CBD and will serve both the Queensland and northern New South Wales markets. 

The new facility will be staffed with reception and a sales staff, as well as in-house technical support and field service to Brisbane.”Queensland is a fast growing state and we need to deliver the same level of service as we do in other States “he said.

Pioneer Electronics managing director, Ken Barelli, has said that a large part of the company’s success has been attributed to The Complete Plasma Experience – which provides delivery, installation, demonstration, speakers and five year warranty with every plasma screen sold.

“The Complete Plasma Experience is our commitment and promise to consumers that our plasmas provide the best quality with the best value on the market,” Barelli said.

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