Pioneer has launched a new MP3 / MP4 camera phone which the company is calling the ‘new iPod killer’.

However valid this claim may prove to be, the device does look more like a portable player than a phone. Though it is a GSM, GPRS phone complete with PC Sync, Sync ML as well as support for WAP, MMS, EMS and email client protocols including POP3, IMAP4 and SMPT.

Also featuring a two megapixel camera, camcorder (allowing you to take up to 60 seconds of footage) and a webcam, the device supports up to 2GB of memory – it comes with a 1GB micro SD card.

USB connectivity is included in the device, which Pioneer claims has a 270 minute talk time and standby time of 150 hours. The company says its ‘7 in 1’ device (MP3, MP4, Camera, Camcorder, Web Cam, PDA, Mobile Phone) is a first in Australia and will make it an iPod killer.
RRP: DreamVision MCP  $799

See:  www.pioneercomputers.com.au

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