Pioneer Australia has expanded its home audio range with the launch of new AV receivers, 5.1 loudspeakers, in-wall speakers, a Blu-ray player, and two iPod docking sound stations.

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Pioneer Studio 7 – Coming in 2010
Pioneer Australia’s Head of Product Planning, Tony Trent said, “We are thrilled to not only expand our home audio range but also be in position to compliment our AV receivers and Blu-ray players with a collection of loudspeakers and in-wall speakers.”

“Designed by French engineers from Pioneer’s Speaker Design Centre (SDC) in Paris, Pioneer’s 3, 7 and 8 Series loudspeakers are engineered for the purist sound.” added Trent.

According to the company, consumers will have the option of being able to purchase its audio products individually or in home theatre packages. Each home theatre package will comprise of a 5.1 loudspeaker pack partnered with a suitable AV receiver and Blu-ray player.


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Pioneer XW-NAS3
Pioneer will distribute three different home theatre packages: Studio 3, Studio 7 and Studio 8. The entry-level Studio 3 will retail for $4,999 and includes the 3 Series loudspeakers, VSX-LX52 AV receiver and BDP-320 Blu-ray player. Consumers can also purchase the 5.1 Series 3 speaker pack for $2,499.

Pioneer will debut Studio 3 in Australian market on December 1st, with the Studio 7 and Studio 8 packs to follow in January 2010. 

In addition, the company will also be launching two new iPod speaker systems that come with a 2.1-channel digital amplifier and down-firing subwoofer. Both the XW-NAS5 and XW-NAS3 will also offer a direct digital audio connection, component video out and incorporate unique features that are not available on other high-end iPod speaker systems.

The XW-NAS3 will be available in white only for $899 (January 2010), while the XW-NAS5 will be available in black, red or silver for $1099 (January 2010).

See page over for pricing of the speakers, iPod systems, and Studio packs.


Pricing & Availability

– 3 Series Speakers – $2,499 (Dec 09)
– 7 Series Speakers – $6,499 (Jan 10)
– 8 Series Speakers – $11,999 (Jan 10)

AV receivers
– VSX-LX52 AV receiver – $1,999 (Nov 09)
– SC-LX72 AV receiver – $2,999 (Nov 09)
– SC-LX82 AV receiver – $3,699 (Nov 09)

iPod Speaker Systems
– XWNAS3- $899 (Jan 10)
– XWNAS5S – $1,099 (Jan 10)

Studio Packs
Studio 3 – $4,999 (Dec 09)
– 3 Series speakers
– VSX-LX52 AV receiver
– BDP-320 Blu-ray player

Studio 7 – $9,999 (Jan 10)
– 7 Series speakers
– SC-LX72 AV receiver
– BDP-LX52 Blu-ray player

Studio 8 – $15,999 (Jan 10)
– 8 Series speakers
– SC-LX82 AV receiver
– BDP-LX52 Blu-ray player

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