In a move to cement its position as the best TV screen company in the world, Pioneer has revealed the all new project Kuro 60″ plasma TV along with new Blu ray players and new high end home theatre kits.

It has also announced the appointment of a new advertising agency to spearhead a move by the company to capture the high end of the TV viewing market. The agency TBWA Disruption Consultancy is linked to the same agency that built the iPod brand for Apple.

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Pioneer wants to reinvent its brand as the company rolls out its latest Project Kuro plasma TVs. Pioneer says its relationship with TBWA will be instrumental to the success of the Kuro plasma range.
“In today’s environment, the incomparable quality and performance of our Project Kuro display panels distinguishes Pioneer from the rest of the market but that may not be enough on its own,” said Pioneer National Marketing Manager Home Entertainment Group, Mark Anning

“TBWA have a tremendous reputation stemming from successful marketing initiatives for brands like Apple Computer, Adidas and Pedigree,” he said.




In an effort to deliver a full HD experience for consumers Pioneer is rolling out a new LX home theatre range that includes new audio and video products that Pioneer claims delivers 1080p and 24Hz picture performance. The LX range includes Pioneer’s LX KURO 50 and 60 inch 1080p plasma display, a Blu-ray Disc player with HDMI 1.3, its flagship A/V receivers, and a home theatre surround sound system.

In an exclusive interview with SmartHouse, Pioneer Australia Managing Director Yasuo Sakuma said “This is a critical time for many flat panel manufacturers. Our intention is to be the #1 premium flat panel brand in the world and the only way that we can achieve this is by delivering high quality panels.”

Sakuma who has a technical production background with Pioneer Japan added, “No manufacturer is making money in the flat panel market, and a lot of manufacturers are currently evaluating their position. As panel sizes get bigger millions are going to have to be spent on production lines as the bigger a screen is the harder it is to handle during the production process. Big screens flex and this can cause problems.”

At the end of 1997, Pioneer led the world in releasing the first 50-inch high definition plasma TV, as well as the world’s first 1080p 50 inch plasma screen in 2006.


Now they it is releasing a high end 60-inch screen that delivers, according to Sakuma, “the best TV picture in the world”
He claims that more than ten years of research has culminated into the release of Pioneer’s Kuro plasma televisions. He says that Pioneer has re-engineered and redesigned its entire flat panel display from start to finish.

He claims that in Australia panel quality is becoming an issue “We know that there are high return rates at the likes of Harvey Norman with panels manufactured by several other Asian manufacturers. At Pioneer we have an extremely low failure rate and this is important going forward”.

The new Pioneer Plasma range which was voted the best by over 50 media judges at the recent IFA Expo in Berlin incorporates several revolutionary improvements. The result is a new flat panel television with significantly improved contrast ratio, offering deeper blacks, richer colours and a very noticeable improvement in performance.

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