Plasma TV Is Better Than LCD And Thats Official


Plasma is better than LCD TV technology according to hundreds of Australian consumers who were exposed to a blind test of the two flat screen technologies by international research group Synovate.

Conducted earlier this year, the research, which was conducted with 344 consumers, revealed that 69% preferred the overall image of plasma when compared to the same sized LCD TV.

The research showed that the large number of respondents in the research sample preferred the overall image quality of plasma over LCD in screen sizes of 40-inches or larger. Plasma outperformed LCD in all key image attribute areas including colour, black quality, fast-moving images and contrast when compared with similar sized LCD TVs.

The result will come as a blow to a lot of LCD TV manufacturers as Panasonic, the company that commissioned the research and which is the #1 plasma vendor in Australia ahead of LG and Samsung, plans to roll out a multimillion dollar marketing campaign to ram the facts in Australia using International Australian sprinter Matt Shirvington.
The research, carried out in March 2007 by Synovate and commissioned by Panasonic Australia, surveyed 344 people on their TV watching habits as well as flat screen format preference. 


The survey used comparative product testing of three different size categories of Panasonic plasma and leading competitors’ LCD flat panel screens (42-inch plasma and 40-inch LCD / 50-inch plasma and 52-inch LCD / 65-inch plasma and 65-inch LCD).
Key findings from the research revealed that when the two technologies were compared:
·                     Colour was the biggest factor in deciding preference, with 7 in 10 consumers surveyed stating that plasma screens have the most natural colour when compared to LCD
·                     More than four times as many consumers surveyed felt plasma displayed black more faithfully than LCD
·                     Twice as many consumers surveyed preferred plasma when viewing fast-moving images
·                     66 per cent said plasmas had better contrast, compared to 26 per cent for LCD
·                     Plasmas performed increasingly well as the screen size got bigger. When comparing 65-inch flat panel TVs, more than six times as many consumers surveyed preferred plasma over LCD


Dean Harris, Group Managing Director, Synovate, said: “With a robust sample size that allowed us to provide a relevant ‘snapshot’ of general trends in the Australian market, the survey elicited some meaningful and interesting results from Australian consumers.
“As well as revealing a preference for plasma in key image attribute areas, we also noted a significant difference in preference of plasma over LCD as the screen sizes became larger, with the strongest difference in preference occurring at the 65-inch panel size,” he added.  
“For sports lovers, a plasma screen is the ideal choice due to its fast motion response. If you’re watching a racing car zooming around the track, or a tennis ball flying through the air, it will be crisp and clear with no blur on a Plasma,” said Paul Reid, Director, Consumer Electronics Group, Panasonic.


“Consumers also rated plasma black quality and contrast as superior. When watching movies, you want dark scenes to show the intricate detail without appearing dull or grey – a Plasma will display movies with cinema-like realism,” added Paul Reid.
50 percent plan to buy a new TV within two years
The survey showed that the demand for large screen TVs is likely to increase, with half the respondents indicating that they were planning to buy a new television within the next two years. Big screens are continuing to be popular with 59 per cent of those planning to purchase a new television considering a screen over 40-inches.


Worldwide trends show preference towards Plasma
The Australian results reflect a worldwide trend following similar research carried out in France, Germany and the United Kingdom. Post-trial, the majority of consumers surveyed found Plasma technology to have better overall image quality – in France, 69 per cent of respondents preferred Plasma, in the UK it was 70 per cent, and 80 per cent of respondents from Germany preferred the overall image quality of Plasma over LCD in large screen sizes.
Lighting conditions a factor
Paul Reid said, “The testing conditions were in line with the fact that the majority of Australians watch TV in the evening, with indirect lighting. When surveyed, 61 per cent of respondents regarded the test conditions as similar to viewing conditions at home, and almost all of the respondents said they generally watch TV in the evening from 5pm.  
“It’s important that consumers are aware of lighting conditions when they go to purchase a new TV. Most electronics stores have very bright fluorescent lights, so a Plasma will look different in these conditions compared to their home environment.”
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