COMMENT: Claims by a South Australian politician that gamers are scarier than bike gangs, is a cheap publicity stunt by a politician who is so out of touch with reality that it is frightening.

Let’s face it politicians in general, like South Australia’s Labour, Attorney-General Michael Atkinson, are not trusted by the public, are renowned for lying and covering up issues while acting in their own vested interests ahead of the public that they represent.

And there is nothing worse than a politician who waffles on, like Atkinson is doing, with little if any knowledge of a given subject. 

I am confident, that if a survey was run right now, more people would list the actions of politicians as being more of a threat to Australia’s future than the actions of a few odd gamers.

What Atkinson fails to realise that technology is a key part of society today and that consumers have more freedom and more ways than ever before to express their opinion and they will on this issue.

Gamers today represent a large slab of the Australian population and more people bought games last year than they did movies and that includes cinema visits.

What Atkinson has done is take a cheap shot at gamers because one guy has been an idiot and threatened him. In his eyes all gamers are a threat. He is also on an ego publicity trip and by holding out on new gaming software regulation he believes he will win points. He won’t because more people love gaming over those who believe we need more control. 

What Atkinson needs to recognise is that more family orientated games for platforms like the Nintendo Wii platform have been sold in Australia than the “Violent” games he is trying to regulate.

 In a cheap publicity stunt to promote the concept of further regulating gaming he told the ABC that “I feel that my family and I are more at risk from gamers than we are from the outlaw motorcycle gangs who also hate me,” he told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation earlier this week.

He added “The outlaw motorcycle gangs haven’t been hanging around my doorstep at 2:00 am, a gamer has”.


What is interesting is that there appears to be no calls by Atkinson to the police re the wayward gamer.

According to the SMH, Australia currently has a ban on adults-only, or R18+, computer games although films with the same rating in terms of violence, strong language, nudity, and drug use and adult themes are allowed.


Recently the government has called for public submissions on whether to introduce the R18+ category for computer games but any change would require the unanimous agreement of national, state and territory ministers, including Atkinson.
Atkinson, who likes to get his own way, is no fan of technology he is also an old fashioned control freak who believe that what politicians think should be mandated on the community at large.

It was only a few weeks ago that he had to do a back flip after public outrage over his plan to ban political comment without an identification process.

Atkinson had planned to bring into force on January 6th legislation that required all people who commented online to list their real name and postcode during an election campaign.”

Atkinson said of the Adelaide Now after he backpedalled “I expect the Advertiser and AdelaideNow to not publish false stories about me, invent things about me to punish me”.

Mr Atkinson described AdelaideNow as “not just a sewer of criminal defamation” but also “a sewer of identity theft and fraud”.
Gaming has changed during the past three years due to the introduction of the Nintendo Wii. In the past the industry was dominated by hard core gamers with their Xbox 360, PS2 and PS3 from Sony.

The introduction of the Nintendo Wii saw an explosion in competitive gaming with Wii Sport becoming a big seller.
Then along came the likes of Wii Fit and games like Mario and Pokemon and a host of party games.

What Atkinson has done via his comments is link all gamers with criminality in an effort to score points. He has also tainted every gamer with his comments.

What I suggest is that as many gamers’ as possible take action to change his mind by sending him an email with their thoughts.

Atkinson can be contacted via his press secretary at malinauskas.robert@dpc.sa.gov.au  

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