SMB storage vendor LaCie has introduced a neat little mobile hard disk drive solution with biometric security built in.

The LaCie SAFE Mobile Hard Drive requires fingerprint authentication to gain access to the drive. Embedded software means no installation is needed on the host computer making this storage solution completely mobile, user-friendly, secure and an easy sale.

The compact SAFE drive casing created by Porsche Design GmbH is small enough to fit comfortably in a shirt pocket or bag.

“With our new SAFE Mobile hard drive, people can now transport important data without concerns,” says Marie Renouard, LaCie Product Manager. “SAFE drives are absolutely secure and only accessible by registered and authorized fingerprints. Biometry is based on unique human identity traits that are far more secure, convenient and user-friendly than passwords or smart-card protection.”

The unique silicon fingerprint reader makes the solution really robust, reliable and secure, says the company. It scans more than traditional readers and registers fingerprint templates as high quality images to enable fingerprint recognition in real-time as well as help prevent misidentification. Integrating a swiping fingerprint sensor also minimises corruption risks-the movement of a finger over the sensor immediately eliminates traces of the print making it difficult for unauthorised users to duplicate.

The SAFE Mobile Hard Drives come in 40GB and 80GB capacities (5400rpm with 8MB cache) and are priced  40GB $299 (RRP) and 80GB $399 (RRP).

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