Philips has launched a new high-end universal remote, with wi-fi capabilities that is described as the “Dashboard for the Digital Home”. The device is expected in Australia soon.The iPronto combines audio/video, home automation and home network control into one touch-screen that is lightweight and easy to manage. The new control system will allow you to control home cinema components, lighting, security cameras, home networks, climate control and other IR/RF/Ethernet-based home applications.


The user interface combines a high-resolution 6.4 inch touch-screen LCD with a customisable user interface and exterior hard buttons. The iPronto lets you configure the touch screen with the help of specially developed iPronto Edit PC editing software, to the extent of being able to control multiple windows of information with fingertip dashboard navigation.

The new iPronto control panel

As well as giving you control of all your kit, the iPronto system also allows users to view information about their favourite programs using the Electronic Program Guide with Media Selection, and access the Internet to check news and e-mail. What’s more, the iPronto uses wireless technology WiFi (IEEE 802.11b), so that it can control devices out of their line of sight, and has an always-on Internet connection by which new features and software can be sent to the unit whenever you request them.

To round things off, the iPronto also delivers stereo speakers so you can listen to MP3s from the Internet; a built-in microphone to make it future-proof for applications such as voice recognition and telephony; and a USB connection and MMC/SD card slot for future applications and accessories.

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