Known for its portfolio of award-winning DAB digital radios, British consumer electronics company, PURE, has fused its trademark audio technology with Qi wireless functionality, allowing users to simultaneously listen to music and charge their phone.

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The ‘Siesta Charge Alarm Clock Radio’ ($349) is available to purchase locally from retailers such as Harvey Norman and David Jones.

The radio offers easy access to DAB, DAB+, and FM stations, coupled with 40 preset options for convenient station selection.

With in-built Bluetooth technology, users can also wirelessly stream music from a paired smartphone.

Positioned as versatile muti-function device, users can listen to music, charge their phone and set an alarm from one stylish bedside unit.

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Additional charging capabilities are available via a built-in USB port.

Rather than the standard buzzing tone, users can configure the alarm clock to wake up to their favourite radio station.

The product comes as DAB radios continue to retain a place in the local consumer electronics industry, with PURE’s portfolio including the likes of its ‘Move R3’ ($199) personal radio with headphones, and ‘Move T4 Radio with Bluetooth’ ($249).

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With a preset sleep timer, users can set the Move R3 to automatically turn off after a predetermined time.

Despite its portable and compact size, the device boasts a 1.6-inch OLED display, allowing users to view time, battery capacity and move.

The rechargeable battery pledges up to 15 hours life for on-the go music.

The Move T4 with Bluetooth boasts a compact, lightweight deign for easy portability, and allows users to pair a compatible device for robust audio playback, with battery life up to 22 hours.

Like its sister products, the Move T4 features a sleep timer and the ability to set a wake-up alarm.

With a notable 2-inch display screen users can easily gauge the name of a song playing on the radio plus more.

Further information, and place of purchase locations are available on PURE’s website here.

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