Pure Australia launches portable wireless speaker.Pure Australia has launched Jongo S3, a multiroom wireless speaker with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 360-degree sound.  

Jongo S3 is the first product in Pure’s Jongo music system and works with the free Pure Connect iOS app (iPhone and iPad).
Pure says the product offers access to a local music library stored on a tablet, phone or computer, as well as over 20,000 global radio stations.
The Pure Jongo S3 portable wireless speaker can be used singularly or grouped together with other Jongo speakers using Wi-Fi to stream synchronised audio within a single or multiroom environment.
The speakers can also connect via bluetooth for external usage. A rechargeable battery pack is included as standard and provides up to 10 hours of listening per charge. 
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The compact Pure Jongo S3 comes with four tweeters for 360-degree audio, and an upward-firing subwoofer for powerful bass.The Jongo S3 retails for $399 and is available in black, white or piano (white with black cloth grills).
The company is also offering grills in other colours such as burnt orange, mango and lime (RRP $49).  Pure is launching the range with a Bonus Grill Offer (via redemption) for a limited time.
The new Pure Connect app currently gives users access to local music on their smartphone or tablet, over 20,000 radio stations, around 200,000 free on-demand programs as well as podcasts. 
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