Pure Internet And DAB+ Range Grows To Eight


Pure’s growing family of internet-connected DAB+ radio was joined yesterday by the Contour, one of eight Internet connected digital radios, sporting a sleek, modern design with back-lit touch sensitive controls, and giving access to the company’s Cloud based music suite, FlowSongs.

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Pure’s Contour digital and Internet radio
The full range of digital and Internet radios sporting the company’s Flow range and giving access to FlowSongs include the Sensia, Contour, AVANTI Flow, ONE Flow, Oasis Flow, Siesta Flow, Evoke Flow, and soon-to-be released Sirocco550.

See separate story here.

The Contour is a shapely addition featuring a broad range of audio entertainment options, including FM, digital and Internet radio, as well as performing as a premium iPod/iPhone dock with Wi-Fi media streaming.

Listeners can stream digital music collections via W-Fi enabled computers and media servers to the Contour, or access music via the digital radio network at home or from internet radio stations around the world.

The radio also supports Apple’s i-technology, with a retractable iPod/iPhone dock and full featured remote controls. The addition of video outputs (component, S-Video and composite) allows users to view YouTube videos and videos stored on their iPhone or iPod via a connected TV screen.

Said to give superb audio quality  by incorporating the company’s Clearsound end to end audio solution using class D amplifiers to deliver clear dynamic audio, higher volume levels and lower power consumption in operation and standby, Contour also sports an accoustically tuned and sealed cabinet with dual bass ports to deliver unparalleled volume, clarity and response from 18 KHz down to less than 50 Hz.


Other features include DAB, FM, a 3.5mm auxiliary input for an iPod/ MP3 player, 3.5mm stereo headphone output, USB connector for software upgrades or optional Ethernet adaptor and 3.5mm component video / s-video output and RCA composite video output.

In addition, the Contour follows the company’s Eco philosophy by using recycled packaging materials and being manufactured with components selected to minimise its environmental impact.

It retails at $499.

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Pure’s Twilight digital and Internet radio with dawn simulator
Meanwhile the company also hailed what’s claimed to be the world’s first dawn simulator with digital radio.

The Twilight, which includes mood lighting and built-in natural sounds and lullabies is aimed mostly at the nursery end, and creates a soothing ambience with digital and FM radio, an auxiliary input for an iPod or MP3 player and a lard LCD display with auto-dimming, ultra bright and effiecient LED lights and touch sensitive controls.

According to Pure, it follows studies which show that waking up to a natural light can combat seasonal affective disorder (SAD) symptoms and promotes good health.

As such the Twilight is equipped with a dawn simulator which mimics the rising sun and comes on before any one of four independent alarm settings, giving the choice of waking to a tone, digital or FM radio and special alarm tones, including ‘church bell’ and ‘cockerel’; or natural sounds including ‘wind chimes’, ‘dawn chorus’ and ‘cicadas’.

Twilight also has a whole host of features to aid a good night sleep.  For babies and young children, it includes lullabies such as ‘twinkle, twinkle, little star’, ‘rock-a-bye baby’ or ‘Brahm’s lullaby’ and a nightlight that can be set to any colour or brightness.


Mood lighting and natural sounds can also be selected to helping the user to easily drift off to sleep, while the Twilight can also be used as a reading light, or to give a relaxing ambience.

Moods include ‘Rainbow’, which cycles through a spectrum of colours; ‘Fire’, which flickers between red and orange; ‘Ocean’, which undulates from blue through cyan to green, giving a relaxing oceanic effect; ‘Wheat field’, which transitions between gold and green to conjure up the changing of the seasons; and ‘Party’, which uses flashing colours to create a disco feel.

The Twilight also has a touch sensitive glass dome which acts as the on/off switch for the lamp. It can also be pressed firmly for the lamp to dim or brighting gradually.

The company says Twilight is the most energy efficient product of its kind on the market thanks to its energy saving LED based light solution, which provides the same light output as a 45W incandescent light bulb for just 5.4W when the lamp is on (Twilight consumes less than 1W in standby).

It retails at $329.


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