Mobile and broadband sales were the two biggest revenue earners for Telstra who today announced a 2.9% increase in sales and a 10.3% increase in profits.

 Income totalled $4.07 billion in the 12 months ended June 30, compared with A$3.69 billion a year earlier.

Telstra consumer sales grew by 3.1% to $10.3 billion. Media and content sales grew by 9.8% while fixed retail broadband grew by 15.9%.

Telstra Internet advertising revenues have now reached $500 million while mobile data revenue has grown by 31%.

Annual sales from mobile-phone services rose 10 percent to A$6.1 billion while fixed-line revenue fell 4.9 percent to A$6.3 billion. Retail Internet sales increased 16 percent to A$1.5 billion and data access rose 8.1 percent to A$1.7 billion.

The results are the first for David Thodey, who took over as chief executive officer three months ago. Like his peers in the telecommunications industry, Thodey is facing a decline in demand for traditional phone services.

“Telstra faces significant challenges in the coming year, but we are well positioned to face those challenges,” Thodey said in the statement today.

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