REVIEW: Quad Lock's iPhone X Bike Mount Offers A Worry-Free Ride
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Already a well-known brand within the cycling community, Quad Lock has debuted its new ‘Bike Kit’, specifically made for mounting Apple’s tenth anniversary smartphone, the iPhone X, to a user’s bicycle.

As Apple’s most expensive smartphone to date, Quad Lock’s iPhone X Bike Kit is placed under significant pressure to offer robust durability and protection, across several situations.

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Quad Lock’s iPhone X Bike Kit enables cyclists to use their smartphone as an on-board GPS whilst biking.

Playing music via Bluetooth connection is also facilitated.

Tested across several biking trips, I found the provided phone case could be a bit more… ‘grippy’. Plastic is similar to Speck’s Presidio’s iPhone X case, however, is a touch slippery and does increase the possibility of drops, especially when on a somewhat unstable bike seat.

Inserting my iPhone X into the Quad Lock case for the first time, unfortunately began lifting off my screen protector. Despite trialling several methods, it did push a decent amount of air between my screen protector and phone screen.

Overall, it’s a decent design flaw, especially when edge-to-edge screen protectors – such as EFM’s offerings – are not exactly cheap.

It would be nice to fit the case without comprising my screen protector.

Considering the all-important drop factor protection, I’d say its an area Quad Lock needs to further develop.

According to their website, the “Quad Lock iPhone case is the best and most protective smartphone case we have ever produced” – a notable absence of explicit detail.

Phone cases manufactured by vendors such as Speck, EFM, Otterbox and UAG provide information about the exact level of protection provide – e.g. military grade.

Explicit information about the level of protection you are provided is especially important when cycling around 40km/hr.

You want to be sure your device will survive on the unlikely occasion it comes flying out of its mount.

That being said, when the Quad Lock iPhone X bike mount fits in place, it does offer a secure and comfortable fit. Simply put; ‘when it works, it works’.

My suggestion – Buy the case first, and then check the size of your screen protector. Hopefully you can procure a protector which offers a 1mm gap around the edge.

Quadlock iPhone X REVIEW: Quad Locks iPhone X Bike Mount Offers A Worry Free Ride


The bike mount includes two sets of O-rings, small and large and they are designed to go around your handlebar or stem.

I ride a foldie – my handlebars are very thin. The small size O ring wasn’t small enough, however, once I found an extra small O-ring I got it working Nevertheless, you have the option to use included zip ties.

Quad Lock have also expanded to include mounts for placing a GoPro underneath, or armbands for running, or on your motorcycle handlebar, or your scooters mirror, or a suction cup in your car or even a clip for your trousers. I.e. You can act like it’s the early 2000s, as though you need your Crackberry close by to trade shares.

It’s an impressive list of mounts – and expands their reach beyond the cycling community. The pieces are all modular, so when you upgrade your phone, you can just buy a new case, not the whole set again.

Before, I would use a Ram Mount system to mount my iPhone onto my motor scooter, and then reuse the X-grip on my bicycle. However… these things are huge.

The Ram Mount does seem to grip the phone more securely, although I have had no problems with my iPhone falling out, whilst riding along Sydney’s bumpy trails.

I am seriously thinking about moving to the motorcycle mount (~$60) and selling the Ram Mount (~$110).

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Most cases are around $35 each, and mounts start around the same price.

I like the idea that you can get one case for your phone, and then an activity-specific one for your motorcycle, car or bicycle.

The cost isn’t enough to break the bank, and its on par with other mounts on the market.

This just has the bonus of using the same mounting system to work.

Quad Lock’s iPhone X Bike Kit is available to purchase online for A$79.95, or at several leading bicycle stores.

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