Coldbuster under-rug heaters are a clever way to warm a room without changing its appearance.

Specifically designed to solve heating problems without the expense or mess of adding ductwork or settling for often unattractive portable heaters, the under-rug mats gently warm from the ground up and allow heat to rise naturally, thus producing an even heat.

The mats are two millimetres in height and consist of looped heating elements, sandwiched between two layers of polyester.  The self-regulating element has a full earth screen and emits no electro magnetic radiation, is waterproof, and is safe to the touch, even at its highest settings.

This radiant style of heating is also claimed to help allergy sufferers by reducing dust and fumes.

Coldbuster guarantees the products as safe regardless of the existing floor covering.

Coldbuster’s Dirk Muller says “The under rug heater is the ideal solution for warming any room of your home or office. You simply place the heating mat under your rug and insert the RCD protected plug into the wall.  The under rug mat heats up in less than 20 minutes.  One 2.8 x 1.8 metre, 630 watt heating panel can warm a 4 x 3 metre room.”
Price: from $342.

See www.coldbuster.com.au

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