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The story goes that a JVC engineer enquired as to how his dried squid was served in such a chewy fashion and sake-soaking secret was revealed. He applied the same technique to previously splitting sheets of wood and it worked.

About the size of a laptop computer, the EX-A1 is a perfect TV audio upgrade for those who prefer not to go the whole hog. It’s a top-class, yet affordable micro with the bonus of DVD. Runing 100 watts of power to the three inch mid-bass driver a (also wooden) tweeter, it sounds great and just looking at those cones makes you thirsty.

JVC says that with conventional paper cones “Sound spreads at the same speed in all directions, causing unnatural resonant points with limited frequency response. Wood cones produce few resonant points because of the grain, so frequency response is improved and sound quality is significantly enhanced.”

Cost: $880

See www.jvc-australia.com



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