Devout cinephiles and AV aficionados have long sought plasma televisions for their accurate representation of colour and their exceptional handling of motion.

It’s only now, with Samsung’s F8500, that the technology is being graced with the design and intelligence worthy of its sublime picture. The 64 inch F8500 is bordered by a thin metal bezel and complemented by a space-friendly Metal Flow
stand. Delve beneath the crafted exterior and you’ll find technologies ripe for the delivery of engrossing content in riveting detail. 

For amazing blacks, the F8500 features Real Black Pro and Black Optimiser technology. This duo assesses a room’s lighting in order to deliver outstanding picture quality. There’s also software that tracks fast moving elements and actively inserts suitable frames-for smooth video playback-and if that doesn’t amaze, the 600MHz subfield motion flashes up to 600 frames per second on the screen. 

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But it’s not just the picture quality that sets the F8500 apart from previous Samsung models because Samsung has loaded it with a suite of user friendly technologies. It too responds to motion gestures and voice commands, is compatible with their vast range of apps and it easily communicates with other compatible devices over Bluetooth and WiFi.


Even though we might fantasize about it, not every room can accommodate a 75 inch television. Thankfully Samsung has squeezed its most respectable technologies into a (slightly) more restrained 55 inches. At this size, the F8000 can still deliver its cinematic grandeur to almost any bedroom. 

When it comes to household electronics, Samsung is at an advantage. Their latest generation of gear benefits from their All- Share software. In essence, All Share will let you stream your content-movies, photos, music and other files too-from your compatible device to your Samsung F8000. Your content can be shared over WiFi, or if you’re out of the house, by accessing Samsung’s Cloud storage over a 3G network. Furthermore, if you have a compatible Samsung smartphone, you can mirror the content, whether it’s a video, game, music clip or photo, to the F8000 over a feature called All- Share Mirroring. 
Exciting content can be found right from the SmartHub menu^. Samsung’s portfolio of local and international content is constantly growing and in having video-on-demand services just a click away, you benefit from watching what you want when you want it. 

Just like its bigger brother, the 55-inch F8000 also features motion and gesture control, Samsung’s intuitive S recommendation and is powered by a quadcore processor.


The F6400 is another 75-inch leviathan from Samsung, but it differs from the series 8 flagship by ditching some of the fancy trinkets, like a built in camera and a quad core processor. 

Instead the LED TV is powered by a capable dual core arrangement and, if you decide motion control is something you long for, an external camera can be purchased to bring the interactive navigational method to this big screen. 

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Apart from the aforementioned, it still retains a variety of internet savvy features. There’s the on board browser (which on this screen is enough internet for the whole family), support for Samsung’s applications and access to their video on demand content. S-Recommendation is also present and will studiously find content you’re interested in based on your viewing habits. 

For an amazing 3D viewing experience, pop on the Active Shutter glasses and get lost in a 3D film. There’s no shortage in content as the F6400 has an in-built 3D converter which will add a third dimension to any 2D movie. Two active shutter glasses are part of the kit. Additional features include WiFi, Bluetooth, a 20 watt sound system and voice control.

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