Just months after Sony was dubbed “mad” for revealing a $69,000, 70-inch LCD into the Aussie consumer market, Samsung has jumped on the silly wagon with news that it will also bring a 70-inch LCD TV to the local market – this time with a built-in full-HD tuner — retailing at $69,999.

The new 70-inch Samsung F9 LCD will go up against the Sony 70-inch Bravia, however for an extra $999 buyers get a full-HD built-in tuner, Samsung’s proprietary LED Smartlighting, and a 500,000:1 contrast ratio.

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While distribution and retail hasn’t been finalised as yet, SmartHouse News has heard that the 70-inch monster could be sold in Harvey Norman chains.

Sony’s Bravia counterpart is sold only in high-end specialist visual retailers, including Sydney’s Len Wallis Audio.

While Samsung could not speculate on its distribution model without having made concrete plans, a spokesperson told SmartHouse News that the F9 will appeal to technology-savvy fanatics who have “everything they want.”

“We are trying out something new,” said the spokesperson.

“This is no ordinary viewing experience. This TV is for the discerning home entertainment purist who is looking for the extraordinary viewing experience,” said Samsung marketing manager – audio visual, Rod Rodrigues, in a press release.


“Samsung continues to demonstrate its commitment to LCD technology. We want to do things better but we also want to do them differently. If people want to realise the HDTV revolution, we need to give them reasons to experience it with Samsung.”

The new model is the world’s first 70-inch 1080p LCD TV with an integrated HD tuner, so there is no need for an additional set-top box to take advantage of the latest free-to-air HDTV content.

According to Samsung senior product manager – visual, Evan Manolis, Samsung plans to maintain its leadership position in the display market.

“Samsung has engineered this TV with a host of technology innovations exclusive to its 70 inch size. LED Smartlighting, 500,000:1 contrast ratio combined with 1080p resolution proves our ability to continue to revolutionise the LCD TV market,” he said.

The model offers a high-gloss, “piano black” bezel and rose gold trim, along with  dual hidden speakers and rear woofer.

The TV also offers hidden touch controls which illuminate when used and three HDMI ports are included, along with a Wiselink USB 2.0 port.

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