It looks like a S4 but now has digital camera built in.GALAXY S4 zoom, a smartphone with technology found in Samsung’s compact cameras including an optical zoom, back facing 16MP BSI CMOS Sensor and Optical Image Stabilizer to cut blurring, and Xenon Flash Cameras. At the front it looks like a smartphone but turn it round and S4 is a fully fledged camera. 

The front facing camera is 1.9 MP. The phone itself has a 4.3″ screen (smaller than original 5″ S4) with dual core Exynos processor running Android 4.2.2. It has 8GB onboard storage (5GB accessible) expandable with microSD card, and the screen has Corning’s new Gorilla Glass 3 with Native Damage Resistance.  
Camera functionality appears to be the new battleground for smartphones, with Sony releasing top class digital camera features on the new Xperia Z Ultra phone.
During a phone call, S4 zoom users can share pics with the person they are speaking with, by twisting the Zoom Ring, which activates the ‘In-Call Photo Share’ feature. 
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The Zoom Ring activates Quick Launch, Shortcut, and camera modes including Auto, Gallery and Smart Mode. 

There’s also other cool features on the new S4 zoom including: Photo Suggest app connect users to huge libraries of images taken by other photographers, examples of other photos taken of the same location. Photo Suggest direct users to the ideal photo locations and vantage points.
Smart Mode is also built with pre-determined camera settings that help users take the best photos – including Drama Shot, Action Freeze; Story Album lets users arrange images and videos into a single timeline to share via email or social media.
Samsung GALAXY S4 zoom will be available for RRP of $699, from next week through selected Samsung retail partners and Samsung Experience Stores in Melbourne, Sydney.

S4 zoom is engineered to offer flexibility and give people a wide range of capabilities in a smartphone, said Tyler McGee, Vice President – Telecommunications, Samsung Australia.

“We see the GALAXY S4 zoom, with its 10x optical zoom and Android operating system, as a great way for people to share great high quality photos quickly and easily”, says Craig Gillespie, Head of Digital Imaging, Samsung Australia
“It is exciting to see a product come into the Australian market that allows users to experience a GALAXY smartphone with the benefits of Samsung’s camera technology”.
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