Samsung Pinches BMW Idea To Fuel TV War


Samsung Electronics who are proving to be a power house in the flat panel TV market have taken a leaf out of the BMW marketing manual by naming their new range of flat panel TV as series 5, 6 and 7 as opposed to BMW’s 3,5,6,& 7 series range.

They have also rolled out a Scarlet red TV which is available in both their 6 and 7 series offerings. During the first quarter of 2008 Samsung claim that they have grown their flat panel TV business by 45% and that they are now clearly #1 in the LCD TV market. They have also said that they are determined to be #1 in the plasma market and that during 2008 they will be investing “significantly” in achieving this objective.

In front of a scarlet red settee and red vase Samsung today previewed their new Series 6 and Series 7 LCD TVs, lauding the new units as being the next advancement in TV design. “We don’t refresh our range like some brands we innovate the next benchmark in TV design” said   Evan Manolis, Senior Product Manager, AV Marketing Samsung Australia.

Samsung also pointed out that the most successful LCD TV in the world has been their piano black R series which many Companies are now copying. Now it appears that the new design trend in TV’s  is scarlet red with Samsung claiming that they are now turning the humble telly into art by blending a bit of a red hue to their piano black bezels. Samsung claims the artistically-inspired design echoes the beauty of blown glass and sunsets, and will harmonize with any decor.


High-definition TV fans might be more moved by the 50,000:1 contrast ratio, integrated USB media browsing, 100Hz refresh rates, and Samsung’s InfoLink RSS service that automatically pulls in headlines and news s into the TV.

During the presentation Samsung said that they are currently in discussions with Yahoo to deliver local news content as well as sporting updates and scores.

“We feel that the Series 6 and 7 LCD HDTVs reflect Samsung’s emphasis on continually developing innovative design and performance for our HD LCD TV’s,” said Evan Manolis, Senior Product Manager, AV Marketing Samsung Australia.
Manolis added “Samsung continues to find ways to blur the boundary between TV and art. And while we will always seek new ways to push the design envelope, Samsung’s continuing focus is on offering the best possible picture and viewing experience for consumers.”

Newly appointed Marketing Director Kurt Jovias said “We intend to be #1 in plasma as well as with LCD TV’s. This will allow us to claim the overall flat panel crown in Australia” he said.  

However this is not going to be easy for Samsung with plasma market leader Panasonic claiming that they are well positioned to hold onto their lead. Former Samsung employee Paul Read now the AV General Manager at Panasonic said “This will not be easy for them. We have a significant roll out of new plasma TV’s happening soon and we are confident that we will be successful moving forward”.


He added “We have new models and very aggressive plans for our new plasma range and I am confident that we will not only hold onto the share we have but grow our share”.

The new Samsung Series 6 LCD panels will be available in June in sizes 32, 40, 46 and 52 inches, and specs vary a bit between the models, with the larger-screened siblings generally having more ports and higher contrast”. Globally Samsung has continued its domination of the TV market, out-selling Sony in the first quarter of the year in the US and Australia despite the Japanese company’s drastic price cuts. This suggests that Samsung will likely outperform its rivals again in annual sales in the world’s biggest TV market for a third consecutive year.

According to U.S. market researcher by NPD and released overnight , Samsung Electronics ranked number one in sales in the U.S. digital TV market in the first quarter with a 21.2 percent market share.

Sony was next with 16.7 percent, followed by LG Electronics (6.6 percent), Sharp (6.5 percent), and Panasonic (5.4 percent). LG Electronics’ performance boosted it by two notches from fifth place in 2007.

Samsung and Sony engaged in a fierce price war in LCD TVs, which have the highest growth potential in the TV sector. Sony took the offense by slashing the price of its 42-inch LCD sets, its key TV model, by about 30 percent. Samsung Electronics responded with cuts of a similar level.

A Samsung Electronics official chalked up the company’s lead in the quarter to multifaceted marketing activities linked to product differentiation by design, and sponsorships of sporting events and charity programs.

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