Though a little pricier than normal headphones, the cord-free earbuds will provide both automatic fitness data tracking and quality listening experiences.

Samsung wireless earbuds gear icon x 2 300x160 Samsung Releases Wireless Earbuds Youve Waited ForThe Gear IconX activate when placed in your ears and connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth to stream music.

According to Samsung, they’ll seamlessly integrate with the company’s health and fitness app, S Health, to measure heart rate, distance, speed and calories burned.

In addition, the earbuds can store up to 4GBs of music locally – allowing users to disconnect and leave their phone behind during exercise.

An ambient sound mode can even filter your listening experience to increase your awareness of your surroundings.

“IconX is beautifully designed wearable technology that offers new functionality for Australians who live a mobile and active lifestyle,” said Prasad Gokhale, Vice President of IT and Mobile at Samsung Electronics Australia.

While the Gear IconX themselves will have to be charged before use, the carry-case they arrive with in doubles as a charger than can store an additional two charges for use on the go.

The earbuds themselves can also be configured in three different sizes, enabling users to find the right fit.

The Gear IconX earbuds are compatible with a range of Samsung smartphones as well as other Android devices.

The Gear IconX are available now with an RRP of $279, Samsung Experience Stores and will arrive at other retailers in early August.

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